SPFx, Post Request, React Hooks, and Fluent UI forms | E006

In this video there is a lot to unpack here, but I am super excited to walk-through this process with you. We will handle the post request to our SP list which is powering our custom Quick Links web part. We will depend on the Fluent UI A LOT to make this streamlined and elegant. We will also explore the useState react hook and how it helps us with gathering form data and posting to the parent component. As you will see, we stay true to our component design and keep the separation of concerns and allow our main class component handle all the “getting” and “setting” services for us. A lot to cover, so let’s get started! ? Subscribe to SPClassroom SharePoint and o365 videos – https://www.youtube.com/user/clardo11… SPClassroom is a collection of sharepoint developer tutorials for SharePoint 2013, SP2016, SharePoint Online, office365, and SPFx SharePoint Developer’s Framework, with a focus on training videos for Power Users, Developers, and SharePoint Architects.

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