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S1E17: Using Search Refiners to retrieve distinct values from a 100K item SharePoint List

We have over 100,000 items in our Job Postings list. For the Search box, we need to display all of the departments (distinct values) and all of the locations (again…no dups) for the Job Postings stored in our list. Note: The New Managed Property option only appears for users who have Search Service Application admin rights. If you are just a site collection admin, then you will not see this option. This is why I used the RefineableString00, and 01 As you know, the ‘groupBY’ operation is not supported in the OOB restAPI endpoint, and though we can create a view to return exactly what we need, we cannot make calls to list views using the OOB restAPI. In this video we discuss the various options and how refiner results in the SharePoint Search restAPI saves the day. We will walk-thorough the process with setting up the needed Managed Properties for refiners, we will walk-through the needed URL changes to the search restAPI call, as well as the code used to display these efficiently in angularJS component and its HTML template. A lot of good nuggets here! Also, here is the link to the latest source code used in this video.… #spEasyDev #sharepointrefiners #ngsharepoint #spclassroom ? Subscribe to SPClassroom SharePoint and o365 videos –… SPClassroom is a collection of sharepoint developer tutorials for SharePoint 2013, SP2016, SharePoint Online, office365, and SPFx SharePoint Developer’s Framework, with a focus on training videos for Power Users, Developers, and SharePoint Architects.

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