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#o365DevChallenge Rant 01: My experience with Day02 SharePoint Developer’s Framework Client Webpart

This is a quick rant on my experience with the #SPFx client-side Webpart tutorials. I was waiting on my wife, so I had time…lots of The Office 365 SharePoint Dev Challenge #o365DevChallenge is a 30 day diet of learning the office 365 SharePoint Developer Framework for the new Modern SharePoint in the cloud. There is so much new technology to learn, that we will spend the month of September to learn, explore and create. It’s going to be awesome! ? Subscribe to SPClassroom SharePoint and o365 videos –… SPClassroom is a collection of SP2013, SP2016, SharePoint Online, office365, and SPFx SharePoint Developer’s Framework, with a focus on training videos for Power Users, Developers, and SharePoint Architects.

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