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2020TIPS: 5 of 8 | Building a Modern UI in Power Apps

In this video we will walk through how to create a modern ui experience using PowerApps. As you will see, I’ve already created this as a custom form in PowerApps, and in this video we will rebuild the experience as a mobile app using Power Apps Canvas apps route. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on this and if you feel it is worth the extra overhead. I think that the component framework allows this to be possible and easier to maintain (.vs a single screen and hiding/showing components) #deshonPA2020Tips #PowerApps #SharePointForms ? Subscribe to SPClassroom SharePoint and o365 videos –… SPClassroom is a collection of sharepoint developer tutorials for SharePoint 2013, SP2016, SharePoint Online, office365, and SPFx SharePoint Developer’s Framework, with a focus on training videos for Power Users, Developers, and SharePoint Architects.

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