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Endless Possibilities: Learn How SharePoint Is MORE Than Just A Portal

SharePoint is a platform that can be used for mobile applications, partner extranets, public facing responsive websites, platform for custom application development and much much more…we show you how

Incredible Features: The Proof Is In The Pudding

SPClassroom is loaded with useful training for content managers (contributors), SharePoint developers and SharePoint architects. We listen to our students and integrate relevant content in our training courses. Below are sample training videos targeted for contributors.

Lesson 01: Getting Started, Configuring the Site

How to get started creating your team site. Set-up look and feel, quick run-through of the OOB menu options and settings. Just a great overview of the team site setup!

Lesson 02: Creating and Configuring Lists

Best practices for using lists within a SharePoint site. Use of most overlooked OOB features that are very helpful for targeting and personalizing list data without custom coding. Auto archiving feature that most SharePoint consultants don’t know about.

Lesson 03: Setup the Document Library the Best Way

Best practices for managing documents in SharePoint. Tips and tricks with leveraging folders for organizing documents and yet making them searchable. Tips on how to apply metadata to 1000s of documents as a batch (a must view before migrating).

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